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Man holding a thank you sign

3 Rules for Sending A Thank You After an Interview

It is a best practice to send a thank you after an interview or networking session. But sometimes knowing what to say and how and when to say it can

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Reynolds Annual hockey game

Reynolds Associate Foundation

Sixty years ago, a group of Dayton associates pooled donations to give back to local charities. From that moment, they started a legacy and an organization now known as the Reynolds

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Resume written on a sheet of paper

Resume Writing Basics

No matter what field you are in, every job application you fill out will most likely ask for a resume. That resume is the key to getting an interview, and

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Stephanie headshot

An Interview with Stephanie, Junior Project Manager

Many jobs have different meanings depending on the industry you’re working with. To explain what a junior project manager does at Reynolds and Reynolds, we talked to Stephanie about her role

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5 Ways to Prep Your Online Presence for a Career

When you’re logging into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media site, your career probably isn’t top of mind. Most likely, you’re thinking about catching up with friends, sharing

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A Day in the Life: Sales Trainee

For some companies, “sales training” means giving you some basic information about the products, and then expecting you to go sell. At Reynolds, we invest in our new hires with an in-depth sales

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Jennifer headshot

Leading the Way: Reynolds Recruiter Recognized as Generation Dayton Featured Professional

Each month, the Dayton Business Journal features a member of Generation Dayton, a young professionals program. I’m thrilled to say that my colleague Jennifer Moore (pictured at left), a senior

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Two basketball players on the court

Diffusing Conflicts in the Office: Basketball Edition

Sports can bring out the most argumentative side of friends and co-workers, as the recent college basketball season may have proven. But a difference in team loyalty doesn't have to create conflict

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Dayton skyline in watercolor

Making the Move to Dayton

No more researching companies, searching through job board listings, or filling out applications. After all my job searching, I accepted a job with Reynolds and Reynolds and started to prepare

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Businesswoman Making Presentation To Office Colleagues

Flex Your Mind: Brainstorming at Work

At Reynolds — and other companies — you’ll likely be asked to manage projects, be involved in new product launches, or join a team that's asked to tackle a tough problem. On

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