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The Colors of Success

Did you know that the colors you wear affect how other people perceive you? Knowing how color theory functions in a business setting can help you control the image you

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Daily Reading: Your Professional and Mental Boost

Longer days and warmer weather make this summer a prime time to work toward those New Year’s reading goals you set months ago (and have since forgotten). Reading may not

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Pro Tip for Success: Minimize Unnecessary Distractions

Imagine the following scenario: You’re in the middle of a project that’s due tomorrow when a teammate walks by and asks for help. You leave your desk and spend the

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Defining Communication Skills

In a previous blog post, we discussed the differences between hard and soft skills. While hard skills have to do with previous training and expertise, soft skills show who you

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Day in the Life: Q&A with a Quality Assurance Analyst

Our associates work in many different positions with a variety of tasks and roles. We recently sat down with one of our Quality Assurance Analysts to ask about her responsibilities

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Take a Stand: The Benefits of Standing Desks

As you read this, ask yourself a question: Are you sitting or standing? If you’re sitting, think about how many total hours of your day you typically spend doing so.

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Navigating Office Gift-Giving: A Holiday Survival Guide

It’s December, which means lights, trees, and holiday music galore. Here at Reynolds, we’ve already started gearing up for the season with our annual Christmas parties. Amidst all the fun,

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How to Find Fulfillment Beyond the 8 to 5

In an ideal world, we’d all be engaged in work that inspires us, pursuing our passions and finding unending fulfillment. However, many of us find ourselves in careers that don’t

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Bridging the Gap Between Hard and Soft Skills

Throughout your professional career, however new or tenured you may be, you are guaranteed to have heard the terms “soft skills” and “hard skills” before. And though the terms are

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The Power of Lifelong Learning

Learning doesn’t stop when you’re handed a diploma at graduation. Sure, your high school or college education provides a solid knowledge base, but it’s actually through ongoing, intentional experiences that

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