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Man Running away nervous in a suit and tie

How to Calm First Day Nerves

First days are filled with new beginnings, new faces, and new challenges. Exciting, yes. Anxiety-inducing, definitely. That’s why it’s perfectly normal for your first day to be fraught with nerves.

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How to Give Your Boss Feedback (and Keep Your Job)

Criticizing someone who calls the shots at work can be tricky. How can you be expected to be honest and critical of the person who is in charge of your life at work? You’re

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Strategies for Review Process Success

Rarely is the performance review process seen as fun. For associates, the thought of filling out paperwork that sums up, highlights, or downplays work performance, accomplishments, or failures over the

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Piggy Bank

Continue to Invest in Your Education

Your education shouldn't stop with a degree. As a young professional, it is important to continue to invest in your knowledge bank by taking classes to sharpen or acquire new skills.

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Man Covering His Eyes

Surviving Embarrassing Moments at Work

I clobbered someone at work, and thankfully, I did not get fired or arrested. I was walking with my head down. His feet were moving in my direction, yet his

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Up Your Work Supplies Style

When you were younger, back to school shopping was full of wonder and excitement. You got the big box of crayons, markers of every color, spiral notebooks with puppies or

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