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Getting Out in Dayton: A Tour of RiverScape MetroPark

Looking for something to do on a beautiful summer day in the Dayton area? Start by exploring RiverScape MetroPark in downtown Dayton! Once known as Van Cleve Park, RiverScape is

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Athletic Woman Rock Climbing

Up, Up, and Away: Rock Climbing in Dayton

There are so many interesting activities in the Dayton area that it can be hard to decide what to do in your free time. If you’ve searched through the options

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Outdoor Sand Volleyball Sports League

Finding the Right League for You

When you move for a job, you may struggle finding your place in a new city while simultaneously learning your new position. One of the things I tell new hires

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Someone Hiring an Associate

Finding (and Keeping) References for Your Job Search

In most job interview processes, you will be asked at some point to give references. References are a way for employers to get an idea of how candidates will perform

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Man with options for the weekend

4 Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Weekend

The clock reads 4:58 p.m. on Friday afternoon, and the office is buzzing with anticipation for the weekend. You have your weekend to-do list in hand and the determination to

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Cat in glasses and a mustache

Having Fun at the Dayton Funny Bone

If you and your co-workers are in the mood for a good laugh after work and don’t want to venture far from Reynolds and Reynolds’ Headquarters, you can visit the

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Ozzie Gardner headshot

An Interview with Ozzie, Technical Writer

If you’re someone who enjoys writing and wants to focus more on the  procedural side, the idea of being a technical writer may have crossed your radar. To learn more

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Portrait of an attractive young woman with her colleagues in the background

Decoding the Dress Code: What is Business Casual?

If you’re new to the work world, knowing what is okay to wear can be a bit mystifying. Dress codes have a lot of variety, and each workplace has its

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Michelle in her cube

Cube Life: 5 Ways to be a Good Office Neighbor

Many office setups today are arranged around open, shared spaces, with little to no walls separating one workspace from another. That makes collaboration easier, but also requires you and your coworkers to follow basic

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Man talking on a cell phone

6 Do’s and Don’ts for Phone Interview Success

Phone interviews are a way for you to showcase your skills and personality to a company recruiter while learning more about the company you’re interested in. These types of interviews are

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