Interview Attire: Dress for the Job You Want

The old slogan, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” has gained popularity over the last couple decades. And it’s one of the bits of career

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Man slouched in chair and woman teaching

4 Ways to Decode Body Language

Body language is a powerful thing. It can convey what you are thinking in a matter of minutes, without you ever having to speak a word. Being aware of body language is

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Smiling businesswoman looking at her colleague

7 Tips to Help You Through the Interview Process

Trying to snag a job can be difficult and nerve-racking. I’ve compiled this list of tips to help you be at your best in an interview. Do your research before

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business woman sitting with a client to fix a deal

Women’s Interview Attire: The Finishing Touches

At an interview, you want to appear professional, polished, and ready to go to work. Part of how you demonstrate that to your interviewer is by dressing professional, including choosing

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Men’s Interview Attire: Finishing Touches

What to wear to an interview involves more than putting on a suit and tie. You'll want to add a few finishing touches to create a polished, professional look. Hair Some workplaces

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Young happy African American business woman

Women's Interview Attire: The Suit

If you’re searching for a job, I’m sure you’ve run across the advice “dress professional.” However, there was one problem I found when I was prepping for my first career

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