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October 12, 2017

Company Culture

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What’s It Like to Be a Sales Trainer?

Reynolds Careers

October 12, 2017

Company Culture

4 minutes of the many things Reynolds and Reynolds is known for, is our top-of-the-line training for associates. Our salespeople in particular have courses they must take to learn about the automotive industry and business to business sales. We have incredible trainers behind their growth, including Chuck, Lisa, Bryan, and Ashlee. Their passion for helping the future of our industry and company is undeniable. Each team member’s enthusiasm is infectious to their students as well as anyone who works with them.

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To get an inside look at the sales training team, I asked them a few questions:

What would you say you do as sales trainers?

Lisa: We do a lot to provide our salespeople with the best tools and education possible.

Bryan: We equip salespeople with sales knowledge, skills, and industry insights to be successful. We also define, develop, and deliver the training necessary to help them succeed. Everything we do is customized to our audience.

Ashlee: We foster an environment of growth. We take our training one step further than most other industries and monitor the sales team’s development.

What is your favorite part of training incoming salespeople?

Ashlee: Watching them grow. Lisa and I have the luxury of seeing them in the first two workshops and in the final workshop. They take what they learn in the first classes and transfer those skills into the rest of their training.

Bryan: One of the things people look for in a job is to make a difference with what they do. We are unique in we know we make a difference. We are the biggest positive influence in the sales team's development. We are there for them in the beginning of their careers and we support our company through training our people.

Lisa: Watching them rise to the challenge. We present situations where they have to do some problem solving, and I enjoy seeing them use their knowledge to come up with answers and succeed.

Chuck: When I see the light bulb go off. Like when they learn something and you can see the pieces falling together. We will get calls and emails from salespeople who are out in the field after they make a big sale saying, “thank you,” and letting us know how much we helped them. It’s rewarding when I see them do what they learn, and do it well.


How would you describe your team dynamic?

Lisa: Work hard and play hard.

Ashlee: Family. We recently went on a trip for sales meetings and spent a lot of time around one another, and we never got tired of each other.

Chuck: I’d have to also say it’s a family. People are always willing to step in and help out, even if the job doesn’t fall under their responsibilities.

Bryan: Supportive. We aren’t supportive of every idea and endeavor; however, we challenge each other in a supportive way to grow and improve.

What makes your team work well together?

Bryan: One of the reasons it was mentioned we are a family is because of how closely we work together. It’s a small department with unique challenges. We are all very passionate about what we do. We also aren’t selfish about credit. What matters is making sure the goal is met.

Chuck: What we do as sales trainers is very specific. We are a unique department in what we do. There is no room for a lack of cohesiveness.

Lisa: Total transparency and honesty with each other. If something is wrong, we speak up and step up to help one another.

Ashlee: We are each other’s support system. We are open to receiving help, and our strengths and weaknesses play off of one another.

Is there anything else that makes your team stand out?

Ashlee: We deliver day-in and day-out. We are constantly improving. We are also amazing at quoting movies.

Bryan: We don’t produce material, we produce professionals.

What did you learn from this job that you didn’t expect when applying?

Ashlee: The immense impact I would have on Reynolds and Reynolds as a whole. As a salesperson, I would get a thrill from making a sale. We don’t have that anymore. Now that thrill happens when we see people grow and take feedback and be successful. It’s directly related to the training they get from us, and they go out of their way to tell us about their victories.

Bryan: My sales career was built around convincing someone else I was right. My career has shifted to getting a thrill from seeing someone else go out and succeed. We share hundreds of success stories every single day. The knowledge I have learned from this position has helped me become a better parent, problem solver, husband, and coworker, all because of the communication skills I’ve gained. The training you do is transferrable to almost all aspects of life.

Chuck: When I started, my objective was to do something to help equip other people to be successful. I didn’t expect to develop as much as I did with my own skills from training others. I learned more in the first year of sales training than I did my entire prior career at Reynolds. There are so many things we touch as a small team that force you to elevate your game.

Our sales training team is currently looking for someone with a passion for teaching to join their team. If being a Sales Trainer sounds like a great fit for you, email your resume to

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