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The Importance of Balance

Have you ever tripped over your own feet? It is not just embarrassing, but it can be damaging as well. Falls often occur due to lack of balance, especially as

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Waking Up at Work: 3 Ways to Beat Afternoon Drowsiness

No one is immune to afternoon drowsiness. In fact, a popular energy drink company has built its marketing strategy counting on you to have “that 2:30 feeling” during the work

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Relax and Recharge

Everyone has a stressful day from time to time. Practicing meditation is a great way to relax, and get back to the task at hand. The overall purpose of meditation is

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Beyond the Diet Hype: Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

What do you think when you see the word “diet”? Almost everyone has tried a diet at some point in his or her life, and everyone has an opinion on

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Release Tension and Reduce Headaches – At Your Desk

Aching in your head, neck, shoulders, or back can be a big distraction when you're trying to get work done. To help relax your muscles and your mind, take brief –

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Sit Less, Move More

Research indicates that as the number of hours a person spends sitting still each day increases, the risk of developing, and dying from, cardiovascular disease also increases. This information can

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