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Women's Interview Attire: Accessories

We’ve talked about the interview suit, so now let’s talk about what goes with it. As with the suit, your accessories should be as non-distracting as possible, both to yourself

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Take Note: 6 Ways to Improve Your Notes

When I first started at Reynolds and Reynolds, I discovered my teammates had outfitted my desk with many office supply essentials: thumbtacks, pens, sticky notes, and even a stapler! However,

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If You Can't Say Something Nice… Do it Anyway!

Part of the business world involves working with other people, and not everyone will work the same way you do. Personality clashes and negative experiences happen, and it’s sometimes hard not to

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Women's Interview Attire: The Suit

If you’re searching for a job, I’m sure you’ve run across the advice “dress professional.” However, there was one problem I found when I was prepping for my first career

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How to Answer the “Any Questions?” Question

It’s a question that ends many interviews, and it’s one that stumps many interviewees. “Do you have any questions for me?” If anything, there's one answer that's rarely correct. “Nope, I’m

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